I would have said, “Full speed ahead”

Surgeons, Doctors and Nurses make decisions for me based on their expertise. I depend on their knowledge and background to assist me during this difficult time in my life. During my hospital stay, I’ve had to give confidence to Physical Therapists as well and accept that decisions w my care will be for my best interests.

I learned today which PT says I am unable to complete 3 hrs daily of physical therapy. That 3 hrs was a requirement for that private hospital I soooo wanted to go to. When she put in my decided, based on my abilities, that I’m not ready for it, all my placement plans changed. I’m already uneasy and triggered about losing my apartment, rendering me homeless. When I lost that room I was not happy.

I worked with the Therapist today and we did just fine. I like her a lot. After being in the hospital since February, I’ve been given the ok to sit up 1 hour each day. I’m going to paint and eat lunch.

Had I been asked if I could do 3 hrs of physical therapy each day for months, I would have said, “Let her fly, full speed ahead.” It was good and accurate and right for the Physical Therapist to say, “One hour is her ability range.” Even when disappointment may result, I need strong clinicians in my corner.

I did find a nursing home placement on the same side of town where I’m from. I won’t feel so displaced bc I know the area, as do my friends.

Of course I’m having another moving day situation involving finger food and friends…. in that order cause I really seem to be hungry right now. All I think about is non hospital food. Lol Anyway, I get a room full of friends after my move who will be here to support and cheer me forward. Also in my support are individuals from Seattle, Washington, Oregon state and Ohio. Their out of town love has been felt as well.


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