I got word that I’d transport to the nursing home around 5:30pm yesterday. I was nervous, not sure what to expect. I got here and was very surprised to see it as nice as the virtual tour I took. They even had dinner ready for me which turned out to be very good. I’ve eaten 3x now and the food is good here. What a relief.

I love my room. I’ve got a small fridge w freezer, microwave, sink area. I’ve got a table and chairs, an XL restroom, good closet space and a small sitting area. The bed sleeps well. I have wifi and cable TV. I don’t watch TV but the TV looks nice. Oh, and it doesn’t stink! I was worried about that.

Tomorrow Dr D will call for our session over the phone. He’s been out for a few days but he’ll be back tomorrow.

I’m going to start working on getting a few watercolor art supplies here so I can paint. I’ve got a book and a few watercolor pencils but no brushes here. Soon I’ll snag a few basics so I can get back to creating, get back to some art assignments.


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