I asked the physical therapist how I’ll learn to walk if I can’t feel my legs. He said I’d be taught to walk in front of a mirror so I can see my legs and make the mental connection to move them.

He went all over the legs and said the correct muscles work and that I’d have to retrain my brain signals to move my legs. He said, in time, up to 2 years, I’ll go from the bed to the chair, a walker then walking on my own. Of course my head got tripped up by 2 years but the bottom line is that my walking prognosis is positive.

Despite being oxygen depleted from the waste down w collapsed veins from the hip down, and the blood clot on my heart, they feel I’ll make a full recovery and enjoy a strong quality of life.
I’ve learned a little more about the surgery I went through. I had a catheter guided Thrombectomy. That surgery is rare in the United States. I did it without the use of blood or blood products. During the procedure, they removed clots from chest to feet, more than they’d seen in any other case. I over clot then turn around and stop clotting.

I also learned that my blood doesn’t last as long as it should. Blood lasts about 120 days then naturally passes through the spleen. My blood breaks down after 60 to 32 days. The docs called me a hemoglobin nightmare. I can see why, too.

Good stuff this week

12 visitors here at the nursing home.
Two servings of ice cream this week. Score!
Grilled cheese sandwiches made perfectly.
Laughing with the CNA’s
Good news and progress in physical therapy.
I made tea and cookies while in the wheelchair. That was not easy to do.
I’m learning to scoot my legs to the right from a sitting position. I will be able to get in the chair on my own after training myself to scoot.


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4 thoughts on “The Hemoglobin Nightmare

  1. You are so amazing, “takes a lickin & keeps on tickin” is personified by your resilience & determination. Keeping you in my non-denominational prayers Faith. Bless you ღ

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