Altenheim nursing home June 2018

That’s joy on my face. Walking brings joy to my face. I did 125 feet today. Another goal met was to begin giving myself the Arixtra blood thinner shot, which I take once daily.

Next week we will work on stamina issues. I’ll begin learning to balance myself climbing the stairs. I’m going to need to practice the stairs because when I leave here I’m going to stay with friends who have a room for me upstairs. I won’t brave them alone. Hopefully nursing staff will be in place so that CNA’s can assist with getting up and down. Yup, the stairs are a bit worrying but I’ve got a bit to figure it out. I may scoot on my bum while on the stairs. We’ll see. The good news is, even though I don’t yet have an apartment, I do have a safe, clean place to stay.

I’m working on getting my birth certificate so I can qualify for an apartment I checked into. Since I changed my name a bit ago I have a few extra steps to take, however, I’m hopeful I’ll get it submitted to the complex in time. There’s also a possibility that I could go back to the complex I lived in before all this happened. If I don’t get the ‘wheelchair apartment’ then I will call and ask the old landlord to kindly rent to me again. Thank goodness I left on good terms. I even got all my deposit back except for a $50 cleaning fee.

Soo, I’m walking further each day and I now have a place to lay my head. This is a huge load off.

I’ve been saving money like mad so that when I move I can do so on my own two feet and not burden anyone with my financial need.

Speaking of needs, this coming Friday I’ll be headed to Walmart to purchase a few necessities. I haven’t been out shopping in forever. I have to buy a shoe. And since my foot is swollen it looks like I’ll need to buy shoes larger than normal. I’m a bit irritated that I have to buy 2 shoes when I only need one. It makes me want to sell the other in my Etsy shop as amputation supplies. Lol! Anybody need the right shoe only. Lol!


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5 thoughts on “Victory Laps and Wobbly Steps

  1. Everything’s slowly falling into place and you sound hopeful, and even a little excited. And you’ve still got a good grip on your sense of humor!

    1. I agree, hopeful and excited. And yup, gotta have humor. ☺
      One thing I thought about is adding amputation supplies to my Etsy shop. Seriously, there has to be a one shoe, shoe store for people in my position. This day and age we should be able to buy different sizes if needed.

      One Shoe by Sundrip, coming soon to an Etsy shop near you.

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