I’m finally here. It’s been a very long time but I’m finally in my own place. What a relief! I love it too. It’s very different from any place I’ve ever lived bc I’ve never lived in an efficiency / studio apartment. This is about 500 square feet so it’s not that terribly small. There’s space to move about. I’m not cramped or anything like that, I just don’t have a separate bedroom. That’s not a problem for me, it’s just very new. I’m going to have to downsize some more, which I’ve been meaning to do.

One difficult thing about unpacking is that I’m trying to do it with one foot that’s still very sore and still open incision in three spots. I’m pooping out quickly. It used to take me days to unpack but this will take me quite a bit longer in my state.

I sleep well here. I do leave a light on cause I’m a scaredy cat. Oh yes. I’ll be getting a cat by winter, another Maine Coon ’cause that’s the only type of cat I can live with. Maine Coon’s think they’re dogs. Awesome cats!

Good news! I have permanent aides that will come here three times a week for four hours at a time to assist me with daily living…and unpacking. They’ll be able to pick up where the temp company left off, almost seamlessly. This means I can shower three times a week instead of once a week. I get to wash the dreadlocks like I should. OMgoodness, I found my hair stuff packed away and got to spruce up the hair!

The first cup of tea was ceremonial and was my own blend. The second cup was Jasmine tea, third Earl Gray. I’ve yet to set up my tea collection but the porcelain dolls are on their shelf and displayed. Art supplies are next. I have the perfect spot for my tea art that’ll get here sometime. 🙂 It’s handmade by a special friend. Gotta love it!

Since space is a commodity, I’ve decided to downsize some of my clothing and bedding. I’m keeping four blankets, four sheets, four ect. This way I can change things once a week and have a full month of clean items. My towels are soooo old that they need to be replaced, so I’ll do that soon. There’s one thing I’m going to purchase that’s just for fun. It’s my housewarming gift to myself. 🙂 I’m getting an over the door jewelry box with mirror on the outside. Of course I can live without this item but it’s to spoil myself a little.

There’s this huge walk in closet that has its own closet. A closet with a closet. Unreal. It’s a closet and dressing room with a restroom in the back. Hanging on the back of the restroom door in my little dressing room will be my spoiling gift of a hanging jewelry box with full size vanity mirror on the outside.

I ended up going to the auction to get my furniture instead of getting it off Amazon.com. I saved all kinds of money. I got a big armoire, a cabinet for the dolls, a bakers rack for the tea and a second shelf that goes in the dressing room all for two hundred dollars. This is why I can afford the jewelry box, I saved a ton at the auction.

Since I’ve run out of space for any more furniture other than my 55 gallon aquarium, I decided to go up high for plant placement. This is a low light apartment. My natural light is nada which is okay because I still have a lot of options for plants. I’m going to place hanging plants off the sides of the armoire and sides of the doll case. I won’t have nearly the amount of plants I had before but that’s okay, I’ll still have my plants. I’ll still have frogs, all that stuff, just in a more manageable amount for my new situation.

Unpacking may be difficult but it’s also very therapeutic. I get to see all the things I still have. There’s so much I thought was lost but that didn’t get thrown away. Some of my cookbooks are here. Shakespeare is gone. Pottery is here. The doll houses made it. Tea is here, and so am I.


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  1. Yay! Your own space! That’s awesomeness!! At one time I had one of those over the door jewelry can’t, I loved it. I’m so happy for you!! ❤️🙌

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