Awwww, baby froggies.

It’s going to be fun watching these little guys grow up. There are actually 4 babies now. I adopted a little guy who was on his own and not being cared for.

These are Australian Tree frogs with a life expectancy of about 15 years. They’ll get between 4.5 and 5.5 inches. They eat anything moving, including smaller frogs and pinky mice.

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7 thoughts on “Baby Pictures

    1. I’m terrible at naming things so the names will be recycled. There’s a Lentil Pickle but the other Pickles have no first names, just the last name of Pickle. 😁 Ideas are welcome. Lol

  1. Your babies are beauties! How do you feed them? I’ve thought about having a froggie pet before (or a turtle) but the idea of catching flies every day or buying flies every week and keeping them in the house….well, I can’t quite get over that!

    1. They eat crickets that I get from the store every 3 weeks. They’re small and quiet and fit in a container so they can’t get out.
      The poison dart frogs I’ll be getting eat flightless gnats which is an easy and clean food source for them. Poison dart frogs are not poisonous in captivity. They’re quite beautiful, too.

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