Therapy Review: Lowered Expectations and Less Stress

Dr. D and I discussed the recent firing of my new CNA. I fired her for several reasons and fired the company, too.

My insurance covers a CNA that can take me to the store and to doctor appointments. It turns out this CNA was driving me around w/o a drivers license or insurance. I called the company and they shocked the crap out of me when they said they hire people to drive even when they have only a hardship license. This girl had that when she was hired but let it drop because she couldn’t pay for it. Still she took me to the store! When I called the company with my concerns the CNA decided to call me and curse me out!!! Obviously she can’t return to my home after that.

I told Dr. D that I refuse to be overly stressed by these companies. He said, are you going to lower your expectations? Yes, in a way. I can’t expect more from these companies than they are designed to give and they are not designed to give their best. Many are quite terrible with less than quality workers. I can’t ask them to be anything but good enough. I’ll have to figure out what that is for me.

Ya know, I have had in home care quite a bit and know many with care. They’ve had just as bad experiences as I’ve had. The CNA that worked here for a bit did exactly what other companies allow their employees to do: show up late, stay on the phone, call off work the day of work, waste time, bring drama into my home, cross boundaries. I know to expect these things which means I don’t have to freak out when they happen or stress over it. As a matter of fact, I can just move on if they cross lines. There are a ton of companies to go to. I have more support and options now than I did. I have CICOA working with me and the worker I have at the moment isn’t going to let a company run all over me. I have options and options means less stress. So in a way I’m lowering my expectations because I don’t expect much from them but if they decide to act too crazy like this girl and her company, then out the door they go!

What’s interesting is that not everything about the company was terrible. I can take with me several experiences that were good and hold on to those. Even this crazy girl gave me good days, days that went really well. We got things done when she showed up. I appreciate that.

Dr. D and I talked about pets for Michelle who suffers from anxiety. She’s been doing some art work as well.

Isaiah the dragon Betta fishI have a second Betta fish now. 🙂 A white Dragonscale Betta named Isaiah. lol. One of the CNA’s named him. 🙂 I like it.

I now have one land snail and 2 aquatic snails, one aquatic snail for each Betta tank. The fish and snails belong to the kids but Michelle takes care of them. The frogs are mine. 🙂 Ok, I can’t lay claim to the frogs. I suppose they belong to everyone. I tried to claim them as my own.

My goodness the frogs are getting big. The littlest one, Sam, no longer spends all day hiding. The biggest, Wrigley, turns the shade of Wrigley’s Spearmint gum which is how she got her name. That leaves Clyde (the frog) and Lentil. The four of them clown at night and are funny to watch interact.

Wrigley on bark

Wrigley on bark


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