I’ve been tickled all day that a new leaf on my single leaf Pathos is growing. 🙂 This plant is special because its the only Pathos that made it from the old apartment. The other plants are gone except a friend saved a tiny, itty bitty little plant. Having it feels like a little piece of the old life was saved, ya know?

joy of pathos
Wrigley watches with sleepy eyes.
Whites Tree Frog Sundrip
I’m not the best photographer but I think the idea comes across that I really love my plants. This is the top of the shelf that holds dolls and plants. The tops of all shelves are planted this way so that there’s a line of plants that goes across the ceiling. I love it.
Book Shelf Plants Sundrip
Here is my small collection of Jade plants that I am in love with. 🙂 To the far right in the clay pot is the start of my sweet potato plant. I put the potato in water and let it root then planted it in soil. It’ll soon need repotted because this guy will get huge. I don’t plan on letting it get huge though.
plants group Jade Sweet Tater Sundrip

I finally got a Peace Lily plant, two in fact. They were gifts from a lady who was killing them. I love getting rescue plants from people or purchasing half dead plants so I can nurse them back to life. There’s something very rewarding about that.

I may not get out a lot but that’s okay. I bring nature in to me. I try to have as much life and beauty around me as possible. I realize that frogs and snails and fish aren’t for everyone. It took me a little bit to get used to the idea that this pet selection of mine isn’t exactly ordinary but for me it’s special. I love it as much as others love cats and dogs.
tear drop below eye White's Tree Frog on Sundrip
This is sleepy Clyde.
The frogs are getting big enough that I can see individual characteristics such as one spot under the eye on Clyde the frog.

It’s been a quite day of cleaning tanks and trimming plants. It’s been enjoyable and therapeutic. A good day for sure.


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6 thoughts on “Watch it Grow

  1. I used to have a green thumb but not one single plant I’ve had since I moved here has survived. I know the apartment doesn’t get much light, but I tried to make sure they got some every day and I didn’t over water. I’d finally gotten some plants I loved, so it was so disappointing when one after another they died. If you have any secrets please spill the beans!

    1. The secret is to replace them after they die. I figure the cost is worth it bc it’s cheaper than a dozen roses that die faster than a plant.

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