A few things have changed in my health but I’m hanging in. I didn’t have to go in. There were some things that could be done outpatient and in the ER. I’m relieved not to have spent days locked in the hospital!

There are some dietary changes. It would appear that green drinks are not good for people w my blood disorder. Without knowing, I was putting down one of the highest vitamin K drinks you can make, which I should not have been doing. This is the second time one of my holistic steps has backfired. Though my GP and I agreed my symptoms were severe and I should use Black Cohosh to relieve menapause symptoms, someone w my clotting disorder should NEVER use that, not EVER! I didn’t know that. I do now and I’m under quality guidance now, too.

I’ve been getting quite an education on what to do and what not to do. I’ve been learning about how my own blood system works and about what makes blood clot and what makes it thin. This is very important bc it seems all sorts of things change blood thickness. Everything from olive oil to Marijuana to Turmeric and even many essential oils can thin the blood or clot it. Care has to be taken with such items and some avoided all together… not Marijuana though. Thinning the blood or not, MMJ and tea are part of my daily life.

I have to several limit how much Matcha and other green tea I drink bc of my blood disorder but I need not avoid them at this time. There was only one food item I was killing myself with in mass quantities that I must leave behind. My love of greens must die! Kale is not my friend. It hates me and wants to kill me. Lol It has paired w my immune system, which also hates me. I can’t get rid of my immune system but I must leave kale and greens behind. My second fav is cooked spinach. I can have it but I can’t over do it

So, I’m home, hanging out with the frogs. Doing my best to stay encouraged. One such way to do that is to drink coffee. Yup, coffee. It’s a coffee kinda day. Oh, ohhhh oh! I found coffee from Congo on Amazon. My black tea from Kenya was on there, too. I must splurge and have coffee from my grandfather’s country of Congo.


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