Gracious! These people are going to drive me crazy! First off they don’t show up but when they do, they can’t take me anywhere or run errands bc 9 times out of 10 they have no car insurance! The last CNA sent had no license and no insurance. You know the level of irresponsibility of that? My goodness!

So today the woman showed an hour late w no car insurance, so she couldn’t even go to the store for me to get a few items. Then she complained that it would take her too long to do the laundry so she asked to go home instead of stay and work. Soooo, no shower, no laundry, no mail and no meal prep. What are they doing other than charging my insurance for work not completed? I’m so mad today I can’t see straight.

You know what I don’t get either? I don’t understand these young people who don’t know how to use measuring spoons and cups. It is foreign to them. Completely foreign.

I’m so irritated right now I can’t even see straight. Before this is over I’m going to be huffing lavender straight from the bottle!

Ok so therapy went fine. We talked about the triggers from my upstairs neighbor who finally moved. He’s gone but the upset is deep. It was hard listening to him scream for hours deep into early morning hours. That’s over which means I may get some peace from my neighbors here on out. I hope so.


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6 thoughts on “Have Mercy

  1. These companies just go through the motions on paper to get paid. I honestly don’t think they care about the quality of their service.

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