While in the hospital I gained a terrible habit. I started eating potato chips and Cheezits. Of course this is a terrible addition to my diet so I’m starting a new way of eating this month; no chips and no Cheezits.

Today I went to the grocery store for 2 weeks worth of meals. Oh man, it was so hard not buying these two items. I’ve been buying them for months now, but not today.

This is one of my life upgrades, letting potato chips go. It was much easier letting ice cream go. This one is hard! I’m going to do it though.

The reason I’m letting them go 100 % instead of eating in moderation is that I can’t eat these things in moderation. I pig out eating ice-cream, potato chips or Cheezits. There is little control. If there was control I’d keep them in my diet. A life upgrade requires that they go.

The last life upgrade for awhile is to decrease the amount of pop I drink. I’m trying to get it down to one 7up a day instead of two.

With all my health issues, what I don’t deal with is high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes. I’d like to keep it this way for as long as possible.


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