A good friend sent me this photo because she could see me doing this. I do have a love affair with lavender, some call it an addiction. It started innocently enough. I used it for anxiety but fell in love with the scent and color. So now, even when I’m not anxious, I use it.

Lavender is in my shampoo but not the conditioner. It’s sprayed on my pillows, is in my teddy bears, and the floor. Why is there lavender on the floor? I fall a lot and sometimes it’s hard to get up. If I’m going to be down there awhile, it might as well be pleasant. Too, I do yoga on the floor on my mat, so I want that comfort and aroma then, too.

I’m not yet sweating lavender drops. I do not have purple tears. Purple Rain is one of my favorite songs.

Lavender is diffused, put in my nostrils, in lotions and on the scarves I wear that hang in front of my face. Yes, I have a lavender problem but, I’ve not been constantly writing about overwhelming anxiety either, so something is working. 😁 It is working. I don’t use any pharmaceuticals to ease anxiety, just essential oils and dried lavender in my bears.

I primarily use lavender essential oils by Young Living for shampoo and lotions. I only use Young Living for my nostrils. I use the Now product for everything else. Breaking away from lavender, I use Chamomile in my hair conditioner.


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