Today could have been worse but it wasn’t. My water heater leaked all over the carpet. They had to give me a new one. It took about 5 hrs to complete the task. Now I’ve got a big fan on the carpet drying it.

Nothing got destroyed but the day has been long and full of visitors. My apt is tiny so 2 maintenance men in and out plus me and a CNA was a lot. It’s been a long day. The fan will stay on all weekend, too. Argh. Could be worse. Nothing got ruined.

Today has made me aware of the need to protect my art a little better. I’ve got it in an area that feels safe for it, but I want to put it in a plastic tote to secure it even more. I would be devistated if anything happened to my two files of artwork.

The two files I have only hold legal size papers which is good bc I don’t do large art. The files let me store artwork for sale and art therapy pieces neatly and efficiently. I love my little filing systems. I literally store hundreds of pieces on the shelf but now I’ll take those systems and place them in plastic totes so I feel more secure.

My CNA and I left after a bit bc the noise got too much for me. We went to the store and avoided much of the stress here at home.

Faith – dry and safe šŸ˜Š

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