Well, I saw the Podiatrist today. He said things will patch up nicely. I wondered what that meant, then he pulled out a razor and tweezers and started to cut open the wound. He squeezed a bit, muttered a few things and said, looks like the infection has healed, you’re just left with the wound. He squeezed the wound some more and tweezed, sliced and cleaned. He had the nurse photograph it, pack it and dress it. He sent me home with a cream and said to come back next week. I call that good news.

In other good news, my current CNA quit. She turned in her 2 weeks notice today.

I wish I could say that my CNA took me to the doctor like she should have, but she wasn’t able to because it rained today and her windshield wiper motor is out. Ms CNA told me she had no plans to fix it until July 8th and that she would not be able to take me to the store, to see Dr D or any other doctor if it rained. So, a friend of mine took me to the doctor today and the CNA lost a day of work. She was not happy! Oh she was not happy at all!! It was not my intention to anger her by calling off, I just needed a sure ride to the Podiatrist. I can’t count on her at all. So now she’s quit and I will get another CNA. Let us hope… pray… it’ll work out, even for a time.


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