I discovered a few things I needed to change to improve the lives of my slimy little friends. 😊 First, I increased the humidity level in their habitat. Once I increased humidity I saw an increase in activity by all individuals. This made me quite happy. Everybody is crawling around, doing their thing.

I also added some cuddlebone pieces to supplement calcium. They seem to like it. There’s still no answer on if it’s ok to feed them purple eggplant but I know it’s ok to give them fruit. Here’s a photo of one snail having fresh mango for lunch. That was one juicy mango. I went back to the store and got 2 more.

I added a few branches for climbing and hiding. I learned I need to cut up their food a little more and to stop cleaning so much.

Too much cleaning removes beneficial bacteria and disrupts the natural balance of their ecosystem. It’s killing me not to go in there and clean every other day but I’ve been letting their system do its thing. So far, so good.

There hasn’t been any mating witnessed by me since spring! However, the babies born in spring are getting big. That’s a spring baby on the mango. I only have one snail older than a few months. He appears from his shell to be maybe 3 years old. I call him Pops because he’s so much larger than the others.

Who knew there would be so much involved in keeping snails happy and healthy in captivity? It’s fun though, and a definite learning experience that I encourage others to try.

Here’s a photo of a snail’s mouth. How cool is that? Click to make the photo larger and see the snail up close and personal. Lol


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