For two weeks I’m going to use the 12 pound weighted blanket every evening. I’d like to know if my phantom limb pain is reduced, if general Lupus pain is reduced and if nightmares will be reduced. I feel as if I’m asking for a miracle of the blanket but hey, people say they work wonders.

Honestly, I’ve already done one week and have a significant decrease in night time phantom limb pain. I’ve also seen a drastic change in pain levels since I’ve been using a mix of German Chamomile, Lavender and Marjoram essential oils on both lower limbs. (This mix works well for all nerve pain / neuropathy.) The blanket and the oils are keeping the pain below my personal baseline. So I think I have the answer to my first weighted blanket test question. Yes, it helps with phantom limb pain. My Podiatrist agrees and suggested it’s continued use.

In a week I’ll know if the decreased pain from Lupus is significant enough to attribute it to use of the blanket.

So far, nothing has relieved nightmares which plague me on and off. Right now they’re beating down nightly. I can’t break away from my mother humiliating me in some way. I was fighting in my sleep before the blanket. I can say for a fact that fighting has stopped and I don’t move around as much, but nightmares are still strong and damaging. There’s no blanket for that.

I had to add a small fan beside the bed because the blanket holds my body heat something fierce. Lol. A small fan helps, and I like the noise.


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2 thoughts on “My weighted blanket test

  1. I love my weighted blanket, mine is somewhat heavier, 15 lbs I think. it doesn’t help with nightmares but it definitely helps me fall back asleep quicker after having them and helps me fall asleep faster in general and stay asleep. It also helps greatly with anxiety and with knowing where my body is (maybe strange). I hope yours works well for you.

    1. You’re right about “knowing where my body is” and falling back to sleep faster. For me, I’m not convinced about decreased anxiety yet. We’ll see I guess.
      Thanks for your comment. 💜

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