(smh) What do you do with people sometimes? I wonder if she’s truly oblivious to the message she’s sending or if she’s aware and having additude issues.

My CNA is sitting in the chair with her radio on w both earbuds in. She’s either watching a movie and making comments about the movie or she’s singing to her radio.

I live in a 500 foot studio apartment. We are all but against each other, six hours a day, 6 days a week. If a person tunes the other out w BOTH earbuds that says they don’t want to talk. It says they want to be left alone!

So she came in this morning and didn’t want to do anything so she asked if instead of making me a breakfast sandwich if she could buy me one instead. (sigh) That sounds ok to some but not to me. Toss two frozen biscuits in the convention oven, heat up some sausage, fry an egg, shut up! Let’s not forget that while she’s doing it she’s clapping her hands and singing to the music on her phone! She can’t hear me say anything to her.

Today I told her I’m having a hard time interrupting her music or movie just to ask for something. She said, I’m just over here waiting for you to tell me what to do. She said, I’m not doing anything but watching a movie, you can just interrupt. I said, did you not hear when I said I have a hard time interrupting you? I said, I have to interrupt your phone calls, your movies and your music. Besides, it’s considered rude to interrupt.

I object to her music. The language is unacceptable. We aren’t going to watch her kind of movies either and I’ve been part of one too many phone conversations of hers. Who accepts phone calls from PRISON then tries to get you to be part of the conversation? Who does that? So no, I don’t want any part of any of it.

I’m so irritated! I’ve got to be able to talk to her about this when I’m calm. She doesn’t see that there’s a problem with it.

Lastly, this girl is so loud and animated when she does talk to me that the cat goes and hides in the restroom. (smh)

She shows up every day. She cooks well when she doesn’t try to get out of it. She keeps my home looking nice and she gets me to the doctor when I need to go. There are pluses to keeping her. If only we could get a hold of her trying to get away with crap. She knows full well it is totally against company policy to be on the phone at all during work hours, let alone accept calls from prison or watch movies and listen to music with her back turned to me.


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4 thoughts on “CNA – Rude. Ignored. Behavioral Issues.

    1. Girl no. It’s a new one that’s been here for 4 months now.
      Does it make sense that I’m totally irritated and uncomfortable with interrupting all the time? I don’t want to knit pick. I don’t want to act like she needs to be at my word and ready for me to speak. I just don’t want to feel ignored and even silenced. I just don’t know. Just don’t know.

      1. She sounds young. If so, it’s not unusual that she would be off in her own little world and on her phone so much–but she does need to be professional while working, for crying out loud. There must be some way to come to an understanding. There’s something to be said for her leaving your home clean and getting you to your appointments. Still . . . the other would bug the heck out of me too.

        1. She’s 35. It’s world’s different than 48 but man. Craziness. Yup, gotta figure it out. Don’t plan on kicking her to the curb, but we do have to figure this out.

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