It’s been a good day. Pain has been low and stress is near zero. It’s been good.

I did a little cleaning, drank some hot chocolate and talked to friends and neighbors.

I’m also feeling good about the firing of my CNA. I didn’t think the company would care nearly as much as they do. As a matter of fact, they have filed a grievance against her license based on verbal abuse. They also tested her and will include the test results in the grievance for when she drove me under the influence. It appears this young woman will lose her license for these egregious actions. This does not please me because she is the provider of 4 small children, but I understand that there are consequences, in this case steep ones.

Monday morning at 9am a new CNA will arrive. Lord! Help me!

My neighbor says she is grieved when she hears I have “yet again fired a CNA.” She texted me this morning to say that I have sent these girls away “without hope,” that I should be preaching to them. I asked her ever so politely what she knows about the privacy of my home and the conversations that take place?

Being a student of the Bible means I talk briefly about the Bible to whomever comes through my door. It is not sinful, as she suggested, to fire an employee who endangers you or who is abusive. I am not required as a Christian to take abuse like this just in case someone eventually listens to the Good News about the Christ and his father Jehovah. I am not a Christian punching bag. I am also tired of people and their judgements. If I were someone else, such guilt for firing her could make it harder to speak up next time.

I have a problem with worrying things will be seen as my fault and I’ll be publicly humiliated as it comes out. I worry somehow I am responsible for the missteps and abuses of others, so I didn’t need to hear that I failed these girls spiritually by sticking up for myself. That hurt but, I have to remember that neighbor has no clue what she’s talking about and no right to tell me I am obligated to stick it out and give them “hope” despite knowing about the ill-treatment. Just wow.

Despite the early morning shocking words from my neighbor, it really has been a very good day.


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4 thoughts on “Good Day. My voice. Their hope.

  1. Your neighbor shouldn’t be judging you. You’re right that you don’t have to put up with abuse from a CNA just because you’re a Christian. The CNAs you hire are there to take care of your needs, not for a Bible study. If you should be given an opportunity “to speak a word in season to him that is weary” that’s great. But it’s not why these individuals are in your home.

  2. It is a testament to God that you fired them for abuse. Jesus did not put up with the abuse of the Pharisees and always put them in their place and David surely didn’t put up with Saul’s abuse. He made sure he was never around Saul again. You made a godly and Biblical decision in an ungodly situation. Jesus would never allow them to continue to abuse…what would they learn from that except continue to abuse? So glad to hear you exerted your God given healthy boundaries!

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