The Insanity

I am writing this as a record.

I’m appalled by what took place in my home from 8am to 3pm. There’s no excuse for the CNA company to have sent me a temp aide who is blind and can only use one hand! This is who they sent to assist a person in a wheelchair who needs help cooking, showering and cleaning.

The CNA today could not do breakfast because she is blind and could not see the stove. No breakfast. She takes good instructions so I was able to walk her through putting chicken in the crockpot. I got my first meal today at 5pm.

There was no shower. She could not sweep the kitchen floor or run the vacuum because she could not see to do it. She attempted to do the dishes but left food on them.

The young lady is as sweet as pie. She was calm, polite and respectful of my things. My cat Joey liked her, too. However, she can’t return because she is not capable of caring for my needs. My regular aide will return tomorrow. She has her own set of issues so extreme it makes my heart hurt.

I called my CICOA worker to report the newest action by the aide company. She informed me that the new aide company will contact me after the holidays.

Dr D and I talked about how necessary it is to have an aide but that I should not expect to get the perfect situation. I believe this current company is going for the perfect storm. What I want from the new company is a different gene pool. No, I don’t expect a good CNA, just a tolerable situation. This particular company has provided nothing but intolerable situations and pure insanity.


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