Thin skinned, if any skin at all.

I really want to cry. I don’t get it. I guess I do in a way. The dolls can be controversial. Will I crumble each time a negative comment comes in or a negative emoji is placed beside a Black Folk Art doll? Am I really going to take it so hard when people express their unsolicited and unwarranted negative feedback concerning my creations? I hope not because I have no intention of stopping the production of Black Folk Art.

Some may not understand it. Some may see it as negative and like today, some may flat out laugh at it. I’ll have to learn to live with these reactions.

Will I be so sensitive that I cry behind this screen when cruel comments come in? Yeah, probably, because tears come easily these days and like I said, I’m thin skinned. Well, thin skinned I may be but a quitter I am not.

Dolls. All kinds of dolls will roll out of SUNDRIP – Art for Life, including Black Folk Art.


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4 thoughts on “Thin skin

  1. Instead of calling it thin skinned call yourself human because you’re in touch with your feelings. I am so sorry there is such mean people out there. God gave you a beautiful gift. I am so glad you are sharing it with others.

  2. It sounds like some horrible people made some horrible comments and Etsy wasn’t helpful in addressing the situation. That reflects on their poor character, not yours. If things like that did just role off people’s backs, the world would never get better. You have a right to be openly “thin skinned” on behalf of all those – including your younger self – who weren’t allowed that basic autonomy over their own emotions.

    1. When I wrote this entry, negative comments about the dolls were still coming in but this time on Facebook. It was hurtful but not enough for me to shrink back and refuse to make more.

      Thank you for comment, especially about the younger self and autonomy.

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