Dr D and I again discussed my inability to paint. It pains me that I feel incapable of it. I still don’t trust the same though I’m getting better. But I also realized that I don’t have the same amount of alone time I once had before everything fell apart. I needed alone time to really thrive and feel at peace enough to paint, to open up and let paint flow on paper.

Me showing off my frog collection on the table

Another issue we discussed is the size of my table. It’s way too tall. It’s up to my shoulders. The table is actually a drafting table, a decent looking one, certainly my style, but way too tall for everyone who sits there. I purchased a chair that rises higher but I’m not comfortable in it. Honestly, I want to sit in my well protected wheelchair and paint.

Last night when my friends were here they agreed to move the table out for me and set up the new one. This means with next month’s money I can purchase a regular hight table. I’ll be able to use it easier and so will my staff who sit at that bigger table in an uncomfortable manner.

I think the table is pretty but replacing it may put me one step closer to painting again.


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