It’s been awhile since I had more than pain going on with the foot. Last night I hurt so badly I sure thought I was going to the hospital! The difficulty is that it is swollen 3x it’s normal size and is split open. It hurts more than I can say and yet the doctor still won’t give pain meds. I told my therapist that I will go to the ER for pain meds if things don’t improve. Last night I was going to go but it was so late.

Dr D wanted to know if I’m feeling suicidal or overly depressed about this. I’m exhausted and discouraged but not suicidal or anything. I’m trying to remember that it’s been awhile since my last foot issue and it is to be expected that I’ll have difficulties with the stump.

The pain is actually from the knees down but only the stump is swollen, not my left foot.

Yesterday I pulled the weighted blanket out and had my CNA put it on top of my super soft Sherpa blanket. I was all cozy. So, that is what I’m about to do now. I’m going to roll these blankets over me and try my best to rest.

Tomorrow I’m having a friend over for a little bit. I sure hope I’m up for it.


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One thought on “Darn Foot

  1. Unfortunately, doctors have gotten paranoid about prescribing pain medication especially opiates. Your condition won’t be alleviated by taking any over the counter pain killers. Wish there was something that could be written to help.

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