I have to remember that all flare ups end. It feels like they won’t but it will. It takes time I feel like I don’t have to give.

The pain is intense. If I put pressure on the foot it starts to burn like I dipped it in fire, but it stops burning within minutes. I’m happy it stops but it’s strange.

There has been very little eating because I haven’t felt like it. Tomorrow is African curry lamb w left over Naan. I can’t wait.

I can’t say how good it feels to be in bed right now. I had to leave the apartment today. I wasn’t able to take my horse (wheelchair) for several reasons I’m too tired to explain. This means I had to walk using my rollater. Right now walking is not in my best interest bc of the CRSD flare, but I didn’t have a choice. Man did it take a lot out of me.

I think as this flare goes along I feel battered by it emotionally. I will say this though, sleep is better since I use the weighted blanket and my super soft Sherpa blanket nightly. You know another thing? Joey sleeps on my hip which helps out physically bc of the pressure and emotionally bc of his presence.

Alright, well. I’ve got a page full of safety plans and things to keep my mind busy and my body calm. Breathing deeply is sooo part of it. Art is, too.

This. will. pass.


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