This boy has been snuggly all day. I just love it, but he’s got to get off my chest soon because he weighs 11 pounds and feels quite heavy on my chest. It’s great when he’s on my legs though. That’s helpful, so is oxygen, which I’m fighting for right now. Lol

One of the things I like about this photo is that my stuffed frog is peeking from behind. I didn’t see that until I took the selfie.

Pain update – The frequency of pain and intensity is better than when I had to go to the ER. When it rains or snows I have a harder time. Indiana has had some light snow w more to come. Today is a manageable day and I’m grateful for that.

Joe and I will continue to snuggle, drink homemade hot chocolate and nurse me to better moments.

Tomorrow I have to go in to see Dr. D at his office. I don’t look forward to walking but his office building was built before the laws required new ones to be disability friendly. I’ve been staying off the foot and in the wheelchair bc it hurts, but also in anticipation of walking Monday afternoon.

Also on Monday, Indianapolis will address in court if they want to decriminalize small amounts of Marijuana for medical use only. Let it be!

Alright, there’s lavender oil in the diffuser and more cocoa waiting for me…. and Joey ‘fuzzy butt’ Austin is getting restless for his bits of chicken, so I’d better go.


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