The CNA is was different today. There were cracks in the peace here.

She was touchy, sensitive. I was messing with her and put a leaf that fell off my plant in the middle of the table where she sits. She said it wasn’t funny and proceeded to tell me to be nice and how I wouldn’t like it if she came to work with an attitude and acted up. I was confused! I apologized and said I was just messing around and didn’t mean anything by it.

Later I unintentionally gave her a reason to be irritated. (sigh) I bottled my beautiful wine on the 2nd as planned. We were talking about that. She said she doesn’t drink and no one in her religion drinks except for communion on Sunday. She said her pastor serves Mad Dog 20 /20. I laughed out loud! Of course I didn’t stop there because I was shocked. I laughed more and said, “You serve Mad Dog 20 /20 as the blood of Christ? Oh my goodness.” I ended it with laughter. Now, if she’s going to be mad at me today then there’s a reason right there, laughing in her face about horrible wine and comminion sacrifice, not some leaf left on the table where she sits!

I did ask why that wine. She said bc that’s what was chosen for them by the pastor. Um, ok. Not really an answer.

So Dr D was like, be careful bc she may be sensitive about her religion and want to fire you over this. I said, if she fires me over one off day then she’s over reacting.

They’re all crazy!

I had to tell her that when the new table gets here Friday it’ll have paint on it at times bc it’ll be a working art table. I said the art table she sits at now stays pretty clean bc it’s not used often. She said, you don’t want to keep your new art table without paint stains? Can’t you put a cover down? I said no. I told her I would get her a nice place mat if she felt there was too much paint on the table OR she can sit at the dinner table.

I’ve been through this whole thing about CNAs telling me to keep my art table clean before. It’s not going to fly this time. She has the option of sitting at the dinner table or using a place mat. But I will not worry about what might be said about my art table and paint that gets on it. Heck, the CNA is getting the old art table for free. As she knows, the table wipes off very, very well.

It’s not been a good day for CNA stuff. A crack here, some judgement there. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and hopefully I can manage comments about my new art table and how I refuse to lay a cover over it b4 painting. I’m a bit irritated with her.

The new table was ordered and will be here Friday. šŸ˜


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2 thoughts on “Cracks and Judgements

  1. An art table with no paint on it? That doesn’t even make sense! I hope you’ll post a photo of the new table once you get it all set up. And the Mad Dog for Communion? I don’t even know what to say about that.

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