How do you want your funeral? That’s the question we’ve been discussing. I swear I don’t have morbid friends or plans to exit, but we have talked about these things especially since we’ve lost good friends recently.

I found the perfect urn for myself. Anyone who knows me knows this is in fact the urn for me! I love this idea so much!

My funeral must not be a long, drawn out tearful event. No. It should be a tea party where everyone comes with a mug. It’ll be a BYOM – bring your own mug, kinda thing. 😁 Several different teas, hot and cold, will be served alongside other mug delights. This will be informal, a come as you are affair. You’re going to Faith’s for one last cup.

While talking about this little event, I was asked if I would have flowers. Of course there must be a few sunflowers but for the most part I’d like the money donated to an organization I know that rebuilds houses in Congo, the country where I have roots.

After war or even natural disasters, it can cost only up to $3000 for a brand new house. While I would not ask for that full amount, I would ask my friends to consider donating to that cause in lieu of flowers. After all I’ve got 50 plants here in my home at this writing. Why not bring them to the gathering / funeral and then give them to anyone who wants to take one home? No guilt if you eventually kill it. Lol

There are 90 people alone in my Christian Congregation, but I know hundreds of people. Don’t waste money on flowers that’ll die. Build a house in Congo.

So picture this; me in a tea urn 🤣, tea and snacks, art on display and 20 years worth of friends gathered. I’d request one last thing, randomly plant sunflower seeds and smile when you think me.

As a note. I have no plans of existing. It’s just something discussed because we’ve lost some dear ones recently.

🌻 Faith

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