I’m flat on my back right now and have been for 2 days. My pain levels are quite high with relief coming by way of fatigue. I sleep like I’ve taken some kind of medication, though I’ve not.

My neck is the main culprit with shoulders close behind. I’ve been doing stretches in my waking hours for relief. I know the pressure points and try to release them manually.

I’ve been using lavender essential oil and rosemary essential oil for headaches. It works great when you put it behind your ears and in the center of your forehead. Takes the headache right away. Someone left a comment on Facebook that peppermint essential oil workers well, too for headaches. That’s actually one oil I don’t have but have been meaning to get.

So, I’m trying to get my body to work through this process right now. It’s exhausting for sure. Hopefully I can get in some art soon. Right now I hurt too badly to do much.

It’s raining today and will rain until Wednesday which is horrible but at least I have a day in mind for when this flair will end.


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