Self Distancing – Coronavirus Precautions

I feel like I always do, a little under the weather and a lot in pain, and that’s how I plan to keep it. I am now self distancing from the general public. I need my CNAs so they can come, but no one else can enter and I’m not leaving. I don’t even have any packages coming for the remainder of the month.

I felt so silly making this decision but silly is better than sick isn’t it? And sometimes we have to do things for ourselves even if others find it excessive, extreme or downright dumb.

There’s enough food in the house for me and the cat for the next two weeks. I have enough restroom tissue, disinfectants and soap for two weeks. I didn’t totally super stock on anything but junk food. That I stocked like I’m never going to see the outside of the apartment again. I may be 10 lbs heavier after this ordeal. However, that’s the only thing I went overboard on. Lol

I think if a person is going to self isolate or distance themselves then a plan for their time will be needed. I’m primarily homebound anyway and accustomed to being at home so I already know how I’ll spend my time.

I’m going to get up at 7am just like other mornings. I’m going to study and do volunteer work from home. I’m going to have my CNA visit then paint for a few hours before I call it a night. I’ll diffuse lavender like always, watch the fish, brush the cat and other normal stuff in a day’s time. For me this will not be difficult because I’m used to being home it was just a matter of feeling strong enough to say to others, ‘I love you but I’m self distancing right now, please give me space.’ I had to get past feeling silly about the whole thing. Well I’m past it and I’m now in my apartment for two weeks.

Of course I will still text and call and write letters and talk to people online. It’s just face to face that will be reduced to nothing but my CNAs.

Faith 🌻

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