During this time people are encouraged to adopt animals and foster animals. Because of the virus they’re home right now which theoretically is great for fostering pets. One animal not thought about too much is fish in pet stores that don’t have the same turn over of sales because of the virus.

A Fish Tale - Redbubble
A Fish Tale – Redbubble

Right now, even though Petsmart is open, they encourage people to order curbside or online. Yes, you can still go in but on my side of town most aren’t. So what happens to the fish not meant for feeding other fish like say fancy / fantail goldfish? Well, they just sit there miserably in tiny aquariums waiting for the virus to lift its burden on us, or they pass away.

A long time ago I had a little gig rescuing fish from Petsmart and Petco that were sick or deformed in some way. I’d nurse them back to health and adopt them out. I was specifically interested in the large goldfish that needed care because as the worker said, they’re worthless! No, they aren’t. It takes a bit of time to get them back on track but they are a beautiful fish that is worth it! All types of goldfish are beautiful and worth the time to foster.

So, before all this hit the fan and the world shut down and Indianapolis imposed a stay at home order, I adopted 4 fancy goldfish from Petsmart.

The fancy goldfish babies were in terrible condition but I had an open 20 gallon fish tank for their immediate needs. They have made a remarkable turn around in the last few weeks of my social distancing. I’ve given them as much care as possible, feeding 3x a week with a few green peas on the weekend. They look so good!

Fish on Line – Redbubble

Now, any goldfish lover knows my 20 gallon tank is too small for these 4 fish to live permanently. I know that and will adopt out, but while the world is closed they can enjoy life in a nice tank and safety.

I hope people are doing something they love during this stressful time. If you love fish, consider fostering some during the plague then adopt them out, sharing their story. You won’t regret it.

Included are two art pieces showing my love for fish. Both have been sold.

Joe naps while I watch a movie.

In addition to the baby fantail goldfish fish doing well, the frogs are doing great and so is the cat, Joe. And for me, today was a reprieve from the anxiety I have been feeling.

🌻 Faith

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