• The virus has sealed my CNA staying. She thought about switching jobs and getting out of the field but unemployment rates skyrocketed which has definitely changed her plans. I’m not upset about this. I want her to stay as long as possible.
  • For Kingdom Hall Services we are using the Zoom program to meet together online. We did this for the first time Wed evening and it was wonderful seeing and hearing everyone!
  • I worried about getting crickets for my frogs with all the business shutting down but it seems like Petsmart is offering curbside cricket pick up. I can order and pay online then have my CNA pick it up.
  • Tomorrow I order my shots again. Please don’t let anything crazy happen!
  • My anxiety has been less after seeing my friends again via Zoom, but before that I had been spraying my hair and scalp with a mix of Lavender and Chamomile essential oils just to control anxiety and catch my breath.
  • This prolonged anxiety makes me wonder if I need medication for a bit?
  • Dr D is working from home right now so all appointments are over the phone. This is good for me.
  • I wonder what Governors will do if Donald Trump says to open states well before it’s clear that they should not? How will this affect the lives of those who have an employer who demands they return despite the obvious threat? What truly safe measures can be put in place to reopen the country in just a few short weeks? This worries me.
  • I’m still working in my art journal but I have a hard time photographing them. They’re so dark. My eyes aren’t that great sometimes and I don’t realize how bad the picture is until I’ve posted it. Shesh.
  • I’ve experienced some boredom so I decided to open my tablet and watch a movie. I’ve seen it before but I enjoyed it.
  • All this week I didn’t wake up 2 hours early for study, so study has been in the evenings. I now have an alarm to go off instead of letting myself wake naturally like I had been.
  • I’m excited about better weather. I want to open my window and hear the birds better.
  • Not touching my face means I haven’t bitten my nails in 3 weeks which is the longest I’ve gone in about 40+ years. I’ve been a nail biter since I was a child. Maybe I’ll be able to permanently stop? Before now I had no real reason to quit, so I believed. It didn’t involve life or death, the possible transmission of a deadly virus to me and others, until now. So I stopped biting my nails.

I worry and I think… a lot.


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One thought on “Thoughts and Worries List

  1. I’m thankful for your updates – you captured a lot! I love this list because it really gives me a picture of things in your life and heart right now. I’m so relieved that you are receiving care during this unnerving time. I know you feel out of sorts, but I also hear and see where you are doing your best in coping and getting through things. <3

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