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Sew Many Dolls

I pulled out the needle and thread, stacked fabric and stuffing and began to sew. Two days later I had three bodies ready to be painted. The dolls are nowhere near finished. They need so many details: paint as skin tone, painted faced, hair that’s hand sewn in, earrings, clothes and socks. All of that […]

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Another Thoughts List

I don’t have a single subject or a lengthy one, just fragmented thoughts. I need contact with the outside world. I don’t necessarily have to go outside often, but I need people to come here. I fear getting coronavirus and being completely isolated with it. I wouldn’t be able to have my CNAs if I […]

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Me and Face Masks

Me smiling. I laugh more than I smile. Recently I’ve had more to smile about. I feel as if I’ve gotten my second wind. I’ve got a lot more confidence concerning the world situation and feel safe and okay at home. The world is still big but doesn’t feel so big I can’t manage stress. […]

Creative Writing PTSD


I see her face so clearly. Long, loose curls tossed behind her then bounce off her back. She’s gorgeous. She knows it. She likes her eyes best. She’s always doing a wide gaze and pose. It’s ridiculous. She pouts a tiny bit as her eyes beam with a message I don’t know how to read. […]