Me smiling. I laugh more than I smile. Recently I’ve had more to smile about. I feel as if I’ve gotten my second wind. I’ve got a lot more confidence concerning the world situation and feel safe and okay at home. The world is still big but doesn’t feel so big I can’t manage stress. Unfortunately my body hasn’t caught up with my emotional well being in that I’ve still got the stress rash. It’s not going away, as a matter of fact it has spread to the side of my face. It looks awful. I’m handling it well though.

I’ve got a really good face mask courtesy of Alley Vision. If you don’t know it, they’re a great art couple out of Oregon. Here’s me in my mask as I do a shelter in place in my home, a place I call Sundrip.

Why do I need a mask if I’m doing a shelter in place? I’ve got to go to the grocery store tomorrow and need to wear a mask. I went to Walmart yesterday but wasn’t able to get all I needed. I didn’t have a mask and it scared me to death but now I have one. Yay. I like it. It’s all professionally sewn. Heather Alley suggested putting a dot of lavender in the mask which I just love, love, love.

At Walmart I rolled up to the restroom tissue isle and saw one, count it, one package of restroom tissue. It was a ginormous pack of 24, triple rolls for the gouging price of $18.00. Seeing as how there was nothing… else… there… I had to get it. I told my CNA that she has to use each piece like it’s gold. LOL. Don’t waste a single square ’cause never in my life have I paid $18 for tissue!

Here is the combined shot of me wearing a headband face mask. I put a piece of cloth inside the band for extra protection. This is a very easy way to make a face mask if you don’t have one. One piece, no-sew headband face mask for COVID-19, better than nothing protection.

What a time. I hope my second wind lasts a good while. I feel more like myself. Yes, I’m back to being chatty, overly giggly and rather silly at home. I’m still a bit nervous and a tad bit jumpy but nothing like I was.

There’s a certain amount of acceptance, too. Will I live through this plague? I don’t know. I just don’t know. (smh. deep breath.) But I can say this, I hope to but if I don’t then there’s nothing I can do about that. All I can do right now is protect myself as best I can and remember that I’m not in this alone. This is not a fight I have to do blind nor one I have to do alone. Right now that’s what keeping me going.

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