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Another Thoughts List

I don’t have a single subject or a lengthy one, just fragmented thoughts.

  • I need contact with the outside world. I don’t necessarily have to go outside often, but I need people to come here.
  • I fear getting coronavirus and being completely isolated with it. I wouldn’t be able to have my CNAs if I got it.
  • My CNA during the week says despite economic uncertainty she’s still leaving. I thought for sure common sense would have her sit in one spot until this virus / plague ends but she is dead set on leaving. She decided not to retire but is instead just changing jobs.
  • I’m an individual that doesn’t do well with change.
  • I wonder if my friends understand just how much I love them?
  • I don’t need up to the minute news on the coronavirus.
  • I forgot to buy fresh flowers for my dinner table. I love flowers on the table. When I go to the store again next month I’ll purchase fresh flowers.
  • Anxiety is normal but pain is high. I hit a level 9 yesterday and today.
  • When I went to the store last week I wore my mask and got a snide comment from the woman behind me in line. Despite real threat to health she came out of the house unprotected. She’s the stupid one.
  • I finally got black ink for my printer. Perhaps with the stimulus check I can get color ink. I’m also going to purchase 3 bottles of CBD oil so that I can store it for a short period of time.
  • I’m amazed at how much of the world can continue without leaving the house. Doctor appointments over the net and over the phone, shopping online and of course pizza delivery.


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