My CNA and I had a serious disagreement where I became very angry. She told me I have spirits and crazy crap like that. I reported her to her supervisor bc it’s not the first time she’s done it, saying she has a “deliverance ministry” and can heal me of my spirits! She is to never mention religion in my house again!

How do I keep getting these crazy CNAs? Seriously!

My mother used to tell me I had spirits so I was really triggered when the CNA started down that road. When I say I ran my mouth to her I really mean I. ran. my. mouth! I was so mad I couldn’t see straight. She said, sometimes people are afraid and it’s understandable. I was like, this isn’t fear it’s ANGER.

My therapist was very helpful concerning this matter. I told him the things I said to her and how upsetting it is to have someone say that. Thank goodness she doesn’t know about the multiple personality disorder or she’d freak out. I just don’t need this.

I thought she was leaving but she’s taking her own sweet time about doing it.

So, so triggering.

Lupus is not an attack from the Devil, like she claims. Anxiety is not a sin, like she claims. Fear is an emotion not a spiritual failing or demon attack, like she claims.

Things are not ok in this house with talk like that.


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2 thoughts on “CNA Says I Have Spirits

  1. Oh my goodness, I would have wanted to smack her head clear off her shoulders. One of the problems with the “name it and claim it” theology is anything ‘negative’ (sadness, anger, fear, pain) experienced has to be from Satan. They are unwilling to see that since we are not home with God we will share in His sufferings here on Earth through sickness and the sin from others inflicted on us. They truly are missing out on experiencing the peace that God gives even when our circumstances are the pits and the grace of God that carries us through this journey. You are on the right path. I have so benefitted from you sharing your journey, although it is a very painful one, it’s one I count it a privilege to know and see your love of God and the fight you battle in His name.

    1. What a wonderful comment. Thank you.
      I think the whole deliverance ministry thing is discouraging and unhelpful to the sane.

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