I keep sewing and painting through the pain. If I stop for too long I begin to panic.

I made it through the April rains into May, which I hope is a smoother, less painful ride.

I’m a bit tearful and tired and hope to sleep soon because I really can’t stand this.

I can at least say there’s something to show for all this madness. I finished the dolls I was working on. I ran out of hair and had to purchase more. As a matter of fact, I purchased a huge bag of stuffing, several yards of fabric and a few other doll making supplies. I was going to get some paint but every single, solitary bottle of paint was gone. Nothing. Fortunately I’ve still got paint for dolls but I intended to invest in Sundrip a little bit by gathering supplies. I have everything but more paint. Hopefully by the time I need more they’ll have it again.

I have one last entry to add then I’m going to curl up with my cat Joe and go to sleep. This day is for the birds.


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