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Care Plan

Nothing is business as usual while waiting for a fast track COVID – 19 test. I definitely lost sleep over it last night but I was able to get a good nap. I feel much better.

The nursing company said I’d know more about the care plan today which is that I will have the same CNA during the week and keep my same Sunday CNA as well. Nothing changes except how well they are protected in this house.

Today I had the gift of 2 bottles of Lysol disinfectant that you can use either diluted or full strength. It kills 99.9% of all living things and smells really good. I also now have 2 containers of disinfectant wipes, a small bottle of 70% rubbing alcohol and a large bottle of Southern Comfort 80 proof alcohol for evening emotional sanitization. I really scored on this lot.

I will hear more soon I’m sure but for now we’ll just continue to wipe down the apartment and keep 6 feet from one another inside as best as possible.

In other CNA news, it appears that this is my final week with the CNA who said I have evil spirits. She got a job with Amazon and will only work here a few days more. This is ok with me as she has in a way worn out her welcome. Her religious beliefs skew her sense of reality which affects how she views and treats me.

It’s not all been bad with her. We did a lot of fun things like cooking and sewing together. She enjoys plants, too. However, I find it strange that she copies what I do. She purchased more plants for her house exactly like mine. Over a few days she pointed out different plants I have a said, I have this plant now, only bigger. This CNA went out and got a fish tank and the same fish as me and set up her tank like mine then told me about it. She set up a smaller Betta fish tank just like mine as well. She then got the same sewing pattern I base my dolls off of so she can make herself a rag doll. She now purchases lamb regularly because I eat it. There are a few other things but I can’t think of them right now. It’s weird what she does. Despite it being weird it wasn’t a reason to fire her. Her comments about my health and spirituality were damaging enough to fire her but I was trying to wait for her to leave on her own since she said she was going to. Now she is. We’ll part on peaceful terms though, which I like.

So that’s the update. I’ll know more soon about the test. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a small glass of Southern Comfort waiting for me. 😊


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So glad your caregivers are continuing! And yes, what a find of cleaning supplies! I was running out last week so started trying to find some online..which I couldn’t. So I noticed that toilet bowl cleaner says “kills 99% of viruses” so I bought several and started using it around the house. Two days later I had to stop because it was eating all (and I mean all) of the metal fixtures, faucets, handles, and doorknobs! Everything is now covered in rust! So, umm don’t clean with toilet bowl cleaner folks!

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