I feel as if I’ve regained what was lost. I finally have shoes I can wear other than the Converse. I obsessed over this for two years until finally I got my wish. I say obsessed but it was begging in prayer that I please find a pair of shoes to wear with my skirts to services. I could see myself in prayer laying on my Father’s chest crying and begging, please can I have some shoes? It seems so odd to beg for shoes to feel normal but its what I needed….. and its what I got.

Handmade shoes

I purchased a pair of shoes from Amazon that are handmade from Sweden. I got the shoes, tried them on and they didn’t fit. I was so disappointed. I didn’t give up though. I ordered a different pair of shoes that seemed to drop right out of heaven. I mean that literally. These shoes are perfect because they adjust on the top and on the heel which means I can adjust the shoe to fit the amputated side which is rounder on the top and of course shorter.

Adjusts at the top and the heel

So I got the shoes and they fit. I was sort of happy but my heart hurt because of the black pair. I felt so ungrateful because here I had a pair of shoes that fit, that I can wear with skirts but my heart wasn’t as happy as it should be. Well, I hadn’t returned the other shoes yet and since I’m a glutton for punishment I decided to try them on one more time before returning them. To my surprise, they fit!!!! It seems my amputated side was just swollen that day. So now I’ve got two pair of shoes other than Converse. How happy can one person be?

I got the brown shoes on Saturday and wore them with a skirt to Sunday services. I wore a broom skirt a tunic and my brown shoes. It felt great! Oh my goodness, it felt great!

Although the brown shoes are cuter, I like the black ones best because someone loves the craft enough to make these shoes by hand. I haven’t had handmade shoes since I was a child. I love handmade and I love both pair of shoes.


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