I stayed with this company for a year and a half but I should have left about 4 to 6 months ago. I really had no intention of leaving until I got a call about their inability to staff me and other clients on a regular basis. It appears there’s a lot going on, much of it I don’t know. All I know is they said they would help me find a company that can staff me.

I honestly was going to stick it out and deal with no care Monday and Tuesday until things turned around and the company could staff me again. I thought many companies were having the same problems with employees due to coronavirus. However, it appears the current company has a situation that is specific to them.

I talked to my CICOA worker and she agreed that it’s time to move on. We are not involving the old company in the choice of new care. They don’t get to decide where I go.

Again I asked my worker if there’s something that I can improve on when I start the new company, so things go smoothly. She said the problem is not me. I took that opportunity to talk to her about the journal entry below this one about age, responsibility and treating employees like dirt. All in all, one can say it’s just another broken health system!

I don’t know when the new company will be here. I just know that I have changed in the last few months concerning what type of person I allow in my house. The verbally abusive CNA who ran all over me is the last person to ever do that. She even damaged property that I didn’t make her pay for. That experience lasted longer than it should have because I felt stuck, like I didn’t have a choice but to let her return. No CNA will ever again be allowed to make me that uncomfortable, sad, invisible or feel reduced, especially in my own home.

I’ve learned some things. I’ve learned not to give a single bite of food because they begin to expect it. I was too nice and I got run over, a lot, by various CNAs. Then I’d come up for air and it would shock them. It is so hard to demand boundaries all the time, and from people who don’t seem to know what one is. (smh)

Soon I will go to my 3rd care company. The first one sent me a woman who came dressed as a stripper for her shifts. That was a shock! That company didn’t last but 2 months. I’ve been w this one ever since. Now it’s time for a new chapter. Let us pray it reads better than the first two.


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