I couldn’t sleep last night and was on my phone playing a game for the millionth time when I got a curious email. I investigated and was left with mounting questions. What is this? Who is this, and what does all this mean? I quickly used the email address to inquire. I mean to tell you, what joy waited me. I smiled and laughed out loud like, is this for real?

In addition to first email, I got a second with such warm words. These two emails were on time for me, a real blessing, because I was starting to think it didn’t matter if I wrote another entry. What could I say of interest? How many times can I say that the 5 month hospitalization took more than just my foot? How many times can I complain about my care givers before people tire of it? I worried I bored people to tears. And then out of the blue, when I really needed to hear it, I got 2 wonderful emails from a reader that I didn’t know was out here.

I’m grateful that she followed through and contacted me. Sometimes people want to write to another person but they hold back. There’s no follow through. I’m happy she followed through because I was really encouraged by her words and I’m interested in learning more about her.

The second occurrence also includes kind words, this time via text message. I read the text and thought, awwww. How sweet of him to think of me.

A friend in Arizona was having a cup of tea and decided to write and say hello. I’ve spoken to him once in 4 months because he’s newly married and I wanted to give him some space. Well, he texted me today and said he looks forward to when he and his wife come here for tea. He’s 26 yrs old and wants to hang out at my house and drink tea. He says I’m encouraging. Really?

Again, I’m grateful he followed through and reached out. He could have easily thought it was a good idea but got busy, destracted or talked himself out of it. He followed through. And his connection, too, made me happy.


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