On seeing the doctor. Blood disorder issues.

Content: Passing more golf ball sized blood clots. Oncologist and Gynecologist appointments coming up.

I went to the doctor but they were unable to examine me for various reasons. They wanted to start me on a medication that I can’t take because of the blood clots history. I called my Oncologist / Hematologist to verify that I’m unable to do any type of hormones or progesterone therapies.

It appears to get the blood clots to stop I may need what is called an ablation. I’m scheduled to see an Oncologist for a scope type exam to determine if that is needed.

It has been a very stressful day. I’m tired now and need more sleep. I took a Clonapin before I left and I can certainly feel it.

I didn’t have an aide today which is very typical of this company but it’s fine for today bc I just want to sleep.


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