It was a good day despite thunderstorms

There was lightening and thunder. The cat hid under the bed just as the lights went out. There was nothing more my nurse’s aide and I could do except sip apple Martinis by candle light.

It’s stormed all day long but once the lights came back on I had pork chops, baked potato and green beans. I was way too stuffed for a baked apple.

Two weeks ago I was given 20 pounds of apples which I will have a ton of fun with. I had a CNA cut up some so we could pour vodka over them and store them. I added apple pie seasonings to one of jars. That was the one we used for Martinis today. I had to Google how to do it bc honestly I’d never had one until today. 😊 In addition to fun drinks, I’m going to make cobbler as well as apple sauce and more baked cinnamon apples. I need to come up with more apple recipes, though.

Despite the weather, its been a good day. I was able to read another chapter of Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. I’m taking this slowly. I’m not the type to devour a book a night or even in a week. I’m one who savors each word and even prolongs things by skipping a day or two between reading sessions. That’s what I’m doing with my reading dates with Mr. Ellison, taking my time, pacing myself.

I look forward to book nights with me and King Joe (the cat) who rests on me as I flip through pages of fiction.

Joey perching on me

I prefer fiction because I’ve had enough of reality. I like historical settings the most. I like a good murder mystery, too. If you give me a good story as a period piece I’m going to love you for it.

So that was today, stormy yet calm and enjoyable.


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2 thoughts on “It was a good day despite thunderstorms

  1. How about Apple crisp? Or Apple pie. I love apple crumb top pie with drizzled caramel sauce. I tend to devour books. I’m definitely reading more as well. Fiction is much better than reality.

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