After effort to let go of worry and focus on what I have the ability to change, I was better able to sleep and eat without vomiting. I’ve had no overwhelming anxiety. I still have anxiety about this recent health issue but it’s not choking me like it was.

For a minute there I started to lose joy. I started losing interest in the fish and frogs and snails. I didn’t drink tea every day like I always do. I was headed down a path of depression I absolutely had to head off. I suppose now that my emotional vision is a bit better I need to stay focused on filling my needs. Staying focused and getting needs met in a healthy manner can only strengthen me now and for the future.

It’s been less than a week (I can’t remember) but im managing the manageable and tossing to the side things that can wait. Then with Joe resting on top of me I read a few chapters as sort of a reward for getting through my short to-do list. Listen to Joe purr is great, too.

My fuzzy baby makes me smile. He doesn’t play or romp about. He’s a 10 year old professional slumberer. But he’s loving and very well behaved, gentle and handsome to boot.

Green sons

Unlike their furry brother, my green sons hop around, hang out on branches, sit on top of each other, leap on crickets and croak until it drives me crazy. Lol Above are two of my frogs looking super cute.

Milk Snails

I’ve got a thing for snails. They’re beautiful. I love watching them in their little green world. Man, I love ecosystems. The two snails I have right now are Milk Snails.

The goldfish and my single Betta fish are doing well. These are the things I normally love and hope to keep close to my heart, even when things get difficult.


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