Part of me wants to laugh because of how absurd this is, but the other part of me is sad with a broken heart.

My CNA quit this morning! She didn’t quit the company, she quit me because I sent a text saying that she needs to have transportation by the end of the month or I will have to reluctantly request another CNA. I was so careful with my wording. Here’s the full text :

Hi X, it’s Faith
I wanted to text and tell you something I’ve had to hard time saying. I’ve been trying to say it a week but it hasn’t happened.
I have really, really enjoyed having you here. You do a good job for me and you don’t stress me out. I look forward to seeing you each morning. 😊 However, I need a CNA with a car. I’ve got too many transportation needs to continue this way indefinitely.

I have to set a time for things to change. At the end of the month if you are not able to secure a car I’m going to very regretfully request another CNA.

There is no way on earth I want to do that but I’m running out of personal resources to pick up meds and get me to the doctor.

I have X getting meds this Friday but no more. She’s 75. She shouldn’t be out here. She’ll get them Friday and drop them off to you as before, but after that I won’t ask.

Soooo, (sigh) I wanted to say all this and hope you won’t be angry with me for needing to move on if I have to at the end of the month.

Until soon,

That’s the entire text. It really made her angry and she quit, leaving me with zero care for today and more than likely no care tomorrow either.

The difficulty with no transportation is that I can’t get meds, get to the post office, get to the doctor or anything if my CNA has no car. She knows how difficult it’s been to have her without transportation. I’m not sure what on earth was wrong with that text!

She has had nearly 2 months here without a car. Two months of me scrambling to get a ride. I say something about it and she up and quits.

What bothers me most about her quitting is she knows the company can’t cover her so quickly. She calls off in the morning and I suffer the consequences. She knows that. It makes me angry that she’d just leave me with no backup. It’s not her problem, right? I’m no longer her problem…. and she is no longer mine.


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2 thoughts on “CNA Chronicles: Temper Tantrum

  1. Oh my goodness that was a loving and respectful text stating your needs. Unhealthy people that can’t respect others boundaries respond in anger. Definitely her problem not yours…..EXCEPT she left you knowling high and dry. I hate you have to suffer the consequences of someone elses actions. That makes me mad at her.

    1. “Unhealthy people that can’t respect others boundaries respond in anger.” Yup. And they leave you to pick up the pieces. I’m shocked at her response. I’m just shaking my head.

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