Since my last CNA quit I’ve had 3 new one’s here. There was one young girl that danced with me. I wrote about her last week but she wasn’t able to return because she got fired from the company. This meant I had to get someone rather quickly. Well, Sunday I didn’t have any care at all because the CNA didn’t show up. Monday I had half a day with a young lady and that went well. Today I had mostly a full day and it went…er…off the cliff and into insane.

First let me say that I enjoyed her after we got a few matters straight. As a matter of fact she’s returning for the remainder of the week. Let’s hope it goes better than how we started off.

Today’s CNA came on time. I was very pleased. She made a good breakfast and sat down to chat a bit and make plans to go to the grocery store tomorrow. As we talked about the store she said, “Do you mind if we stop off at my mother’s grave and drop off some flowers before we go to the store?” This shocked me so out of my mouth came, “Girl no! We aren’t going to nobody’s mama’s grave!” She looked shocked as if somehow I shouldn’t have been shocked!!!!! Looking back, I’m sorry it came out that way but come on, can we go to your mother’s grave? No, we can’t. We are not going to the graveyard. Who does that, and on company time?

Once we got ourselves on track we had a really nice time. I don’t think she’s mad about my blunt response and shock. I hope not but really, no one asks that of a client.

I honestly can’t make this stuff up. It’s so way far left and insane that it only makes sense if you know what other CNAs have tried to pull in this house. The only other invite that comes close to this is that a CNA asked if I wanted to go with her and her children, on company time, to a water slide park. Um, I’m in a wheelchair. Can you imagine the cannonballs I’d do in the chair? These people kill me.


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