I finished Invisible Man a bit ago. It made me mad at the end. I’m happy I read it but it wasn’t, by far, an acceptable ending. It seemed to fall short of the power of the rest of the writing. Like I said, I’m happy I read it though.

Right now I’m waiting for more test results and to go to a few more doctor appointments. I’m not doing much else outside the house. I’m still self distancing, which I’ve been doing since March. Because I’m only going out when I absolutely need to, I’m not going to make a trip to Half Price Book Store. I’d so love to go, but I’m not. I’m going to try to find a few good books on Etsy as well as look through mine to see what I’ve not read.

Friday evenings I’ve kinda of dedicated to reading and sipping wine while snuggling with my best fuzzy buddy, Joe. He’s too sweet for his own good as he curls up on my chest and rests.

There’s not much news other than reading, dealing with perimenopause and self distancing.


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3 thoughts on “Joe and Books

  1. I don’t know how spendy books are on Etsy but Thrift Books is a good online resource for used books, and they have a huge variety. These days though I usually rely on Amazon because with my Prime account I get free shipping and one day delivery.

    What genre do you most like?

    1. I like a good murder mystery w a good story and well developed characters. I don’t read stuff with a lot of language and I don’t read anything with spiritism / mystical stuff like Harry Potter and all that.
      I don’t know that I have a fav author, I just know I like a good mystery type book.

  2. Hi – it’s good to read an update about you. I’m so glad you’ve created time to snuggle with Joe, drink wine, and read as part of your self care and personal time to yourself. Goodness knows you don’t get as much time to yourself like you used to in the past. I hope your next book ends with more satisfaction. 🙂
    ~ Julie/s

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