I found out today that my surgery is Friday November 13th. I thought it was going to be sooner but nope. November 13th will be here before I know it! Before then I have pre-op appointments, including a COVID 19 test to be taken.

The surgery is a uterine ablation. It’s short, sweet and is out patient. They do, however, put me under.

I have 2 Friends going with me, an elder in the congregation and his wife (both really good friends of mine). I should be fine.

My in home nurses will do any needed care after I’m back home.

Some of my friends said they’re sorry this is happening but this is not a sad occasion for me. Yes, I am losing something and I hope to be ok with it, but the surgery is badly needed. I’m not jumping for joy over it but at this time I can only see a situation that is not sustainable and that requires the removal of the uterine wall.

Here’s the thing. I would have preferred to go through menopause naturally and have cycles stopped naturally, but that isn’t what is happening. Health issues got in the way. Not only do I have a good size fibroid but I’m taking a blood thinner. Those 2 things have caused some unstainable issues. This ablation will hopefully bring relief of symptoms.

I am not looking forward to being put under again but I am looking forward to much better days ahead.


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One thought on “Ablation Surgery Scheduled

  1. I wish it was sooner too because I want you to have relief from your symptoms sooner than later! We’re looking forward to brighter days ahead for you too. Love and hugs to you all!

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