I’ll be getting tested for the first time ever tomorrow. I’m nervous but I’m also very, very exhausted. I can’t breathe very well. My lungs are burning. I can’t wheel myself about. My words have been slurred. I’m hungry but I’m too dag on tired to eat. My blood pressure has been so low that it’s scary.

I did a virtual appointment with my doctor who suggested the COVID-19 test. Unfortunately it’s not just to rule things out but a real concern, as are the other symptoms. He’s worried too about a blood clot in the lung … again.(smh)

This is crazy.

It’s carelessness by youth that put me in direction exposure to the virus. They have this attitude that everything is OK. It’s not. It’s just not!

My hope is that it’s negative. I really need it to be negative.

Tomorrow the doctor will call and schedule the test. Hopefully my CNA will take me. What happens next depends on the results of the test.

I’ve got emails and texts that I’ve not answered. I’m sorry. I just can’t seem to sit down and respond. I’ve been sort of isolating from friends. Due to the recent trauma spoken of in the last entry, I’m a bit down and I’m having a hard time reaching out.


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3 thoughts on “Another COVID-19 Scare

  1. Oh goodness, I just saw this. I didn’t know you were dealing with this scare! I’m glad it turned out negative but still, gosh, that’s tough to experience physically and mentally.

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