I spent a good long time at the hospital getting test after test. They checked my heart to see if its strong enough for surgery. In 2018 my heart could only pump down to my legs but not back up. It’s doing so much better and I’m safe for Friday’s procedure. They did heart test after heart test. They even took 9 vials of blood! Hope they left me some.

Monday I go to have a second COVID-19 test. This time there hasn’t been any exposure. I have to have it before the surgery Friday. It’s all happening so fast. I knew it would. Though anxious, I want this to happen so I can get some relief and get this lime size fibroid out of me. I wonder if it’s grown any at all?

Other than health stuff, I’ve been working on my apartment. I’ve watched some remake videos on YouTube for small apartments in New York. Wow. What they do with small spaces is amazing. I’m very pleased with mine as well. It’s not done but it’s getting there.

I can’t paint or add wallpaper but I can add art and fixtures, which I’ve done. Today I had my room divider delivered. Wow is it more gorgeous in person than in the photo. I’m in love with it. It looks great where it’s sitting.

The last big item to be added is an area rug for the bedroom area. Though an efficiency, I want to divide where I sleep so it feels a lot more cozy and less exposed. I don’t want it to feel like it’s part of the kitchen either, which it did before the divider arrived. So like I said, next is the area rug. Despite only being $60, I can’t afford it until next month, but next month will arrive soon enough. At that point all the major additions will be finished and I’ll just rearrange and add small items to finish off the Sundrip art efficiency :-).

So that is my update. I hope all are well and staying safe during this difficult time.

Until soon,


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