The surgeon wants to do the ablation without stopping the blood thinner Arixtra aka Fondaparinux. My Hematologist laughed out loud and said, “No!” This is a rather strong blood thinner and the possibility of bleeding is way too high. My Hematologist says I should not ever have surgery without it going through his office first because the risk of bleeding is just too much. He and I agreed that unless this surgeon agrees to work with his office that I should find a surgeon who will. This means I may not have surgery on Friday as planned. We’ll see what the surgeon is going to do and if he now even has time to collaborate with the Hematologist before Friday.

It doesn’t make sense that the surgeon ignored the flag on my account that the Hematologist has to sign off first, before any surgery. Why does he have to sign off first? Because my blood system is messed up big time. He’s doesn’t have the God-like Syndrome that some doctors have. He’s not being overly proactive. This is what happens when you are followed by the Oncologist / Hematologist for life. It actually means my life and that office takes things very seriously.

So, I wait and see what happens in the next few days.

This is so typical of life. Nothing is simple. Honestly, I want this to be over with but I’m scared and part of me hopes this surgery falls through. I just want to live.

Despite the uncertainty of the surgery, I went ahead and did the COVID-19 test for it today. I’ll know the results tomorrow.


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