Uterine Ablation Surgery

I dropped a few tears because being wheeled back reminded me very much of going through the tough thrombectomy in 2018. The doctor asked why I was crying. He then said, you have PTSD from what you went through, don’t you? I shook my head yes.

I’m a very hard stick and once again I was dehydrated so my veins collapse easily. They were wonderful in that they numbed the areas where they had to stick me all 4 times. Two IV’s, 4 sticks to get it right. Once I was out they put a tube down my throat and started.

As it turns out, I did have a D and C. What order it was done in I don’t know but they shaved the tumor and gave me the ablation. They also did something to the cervix but I can’t remember what it was.

After the procedures they gave me real pain meds as well as Valium. This helped with the GYN pain as well as the horrible pain in my legs.

Speaking of painful legs. I wore compression socks the entire time and they had air compression on my calves that compressed every three seconds. Why 3 seconds I don’t know but they really wanted to make sure I was not going to clot.

What should have been a 30 min procedure was 2 hours because nothing is easy with me. The good thing is I stopped the blood thinner Wed at 1pm which made blood loss today, minimal. They gave me strict instructions on how much blood from the procedure is normal. If I see more than that I’m to go to the ER immediately.

I’m so happy things went well. They didn’t go entirely as planned but they did go well. After all, I am still here!

I currently I pain but it’s managed by my very last pain pill. Even after all that, they did not give pain pills for home! The doctor is suggesting I use Valium to ease the pain in my legs. It would be nice if my GP would provide that. We’ll see, but I won’t get my hopes up.

I came home and ate a nice baked chicken dinner with wine and a side of blood thinner shot. Wow, skipping shots now feels unnatural while baked chicken feels warm and is yummy.

I had a different CNA for after the surgery. She was wonderful.

Last night I used my diffuser, skipped the wine and prayed very hard. I’m so, so happy to still be among the breathing.

❤ Faith

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3 thoughts on “Wellbeing

  1. I’m so very glad everything went well with the procedure. I can’t believe they didn’t give you pain pills for that. Have you ever tried prescription strength Aleve? It’s 500mg per pill. You take 1 every 12 hrs. It works well for my pain. I take an acetaminophen in between if I have to which isn’t too often.

    Continued prayers that your bleeding stays normal for the procedure that was done.

  2. I am so glad you madw it through the procedures. Ive been thinking about you a lot. Praying for continued health and less pain.

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